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The Sharpe’s Physio Receptionist Pledge - I pledge to:

Book in patients correctly and sign with my Initial

Stand up to greet & serve our clients  - to look very official


I will always tell the physio when there is a patient awaiting

& consistently use my cheery voice – let’s get Sharpe’s a 5* rating!!


On shift, I will always be smiley, friendly & happy

& always double check my bookings to keep Matt a cheerful chappy!


I will be known as the laundry queen!

& endeavor to be COVID safe & keep our treatment rooms clean!


On the hook in the laundry I will leave my phone and bag

& refrain from personal admin, socials or shopping, else Jen will have to nag


I will wear the correct uniform whilst on shift without fail

& I promise not to laugh at Lachlan’s Ponytail!


If I need to eat my snacks or lunch, I will do so out of view

& say hello to all those that enter - even if there is a queue!


I will upload to the correct date & scan assessments as a priority

And if I am going to do squeezes ins, I will get the physios authority!!


I will not leave scrappy notes, that cannot sometimes be read

But pass on messages & anything important using Slack instead!


I will aspire to keep the inbox organised & clear

So when the next receptionist starts they can give a little cheer!


In the jobs I do I will hone into my inner perfectionist

In essence I promise to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a Sharpe’s Physio Receptionist.

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